2016 CANstruction Houston - Juror's Favorite & Best Sign

The PhiloWilke Team would like to thank all our sponsor for their support and generosity in sponsoring us for this year’s Houston Canstruction. Their contributions helped us to provide over 4,000 meals to the Houston Food Bank. 

Scultpture Theme - MEAL OF FORTUNE

Most of us take for granted the ability to eat three meals a day, sometimes throwing away leftovers without a second thought.  We make meal plans, go grocery shopping, and enjoy making fun recipes for dinner with our families.  Social media has made recipe planning a fun, popular ritual.  Similarly, cable television has turned cooking into popular game shows, such as Chopped, Guy’s Grocery Games, and The Great Food Truck Race.  However, the reality for many is simply the opposite, finding meals is not a game.  In every neighborhood, hiding amongst our own communities, there are individuals and families wondering when their next meal will be.  According to the Houston Food Bank, 400,000 children in the Houston area were fed by a local food pantry last year.  This is a far different reality than the television appeal of MasterChef Jr. likes to create. Not knowing how to find your next meal is not a game, it is a fortune. Social media and mainstream television have made food more popular within middle class America, so why not have PhiloWilke make it popular for those less fortunate?  Taking a cue from America’s most popular game show, our can-sculpture took a “spin” on this mainstream strategy creating a “Meal of Fortune” for all, hoping to take one step closer to ending hunger in our city. Many people dream of winning a fortune. Others dream of providing a good meal for themselves and their families, and we can help make that dream a reality.

Can Count: 6,459


Zach Mitchell

Shelly Bettenhausen

Luke Christen


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