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The PhiloWilke team is a talented group of EXPERTISE-DRIVEN individuals who support our core values of Quality, Teamwork, and Integrity.

We believe that relationships are the key to success, and there is no relationship more valuable at the office than a mentor and mentee. This relationship is often the driving force for young professionals, guiding them to their full potential while developing long-term bonds between team members. At PhiloWilke we realize the importance of a mentorship program and from day one in the office, employees are integrated into a mentoring program called The PhiloWilke Way.

The PhiloWilke Way is a structured mentor program that incorporates both formal and informal engagement between senior and junior team members. The goal of the program is to increase the speed at which young professionals learn and to assist with becoming productive contributors and efficient communicators within a project team and company. We believe this creates an avenue for long-term professional growth, knowledge, and development of skill sets. In addition, mentoring promotes comfort and confidence by bridging the gap between upper management and junior employees.

Our program offers both one-on-one mentoring sessions as well as team sessions on a weekly basis. These sessions help to develop interoffice relationships and points of contact for daily support and professional development. We want the best for each of our employees and the mentoring program offers many ways to engage and integrate employees into the PhiloWilke family. By building and strengthening skill sets and encouraging one another towards development, the program has increased the company camaraderie resulting in a more productive team.

Ultimately we strive to create expertise-driven architects that know how to work smart and play hard.