Out of twenty-three of Houston's finest interior design firms PhiloWilke took home the 2017 IIDA Product Runway Houston's BEST IN SHOW. Thank you to our sponsors Hart (hard good garment label), Johnson Simon Resources (soft goods garment label), and Koroseal (wildcard garment label).


Bundharic Taout

Shelly Bettenhausen

Kyli Gillard

Zach Mitchell

Model - Kayla Kuhn

Dress Theme

Don Quixote is not only a novel about adventure, honor, and romance, but it is the story of Spanish cultural transformation and a man’s battle with self identity and false perceptions. Our design plays with variations in materials and layers, representing the romanticism and complexity of his noble quest to maintain chivalry. The dress captures the transformation of the Man of La Mancha as he escapes his dreary reality and steps into a world of chivalrous knights and fantastical adventure.

Garment's Sustainable Qualities

Our dress’ unique sustainability starts with the use of scrap wood veneer from Tuohy. This material is environmentally friendly and the manufacturer ensures that their production facilities are LEED certified. Tuohy’s state of the art facilities help ensure that the wood veneer is a product of renewable resources. The Koroseal vinyl wall coverings used in the dress are also extremely environmentally friendly. Printed with water-based ink, these Koroseal vinyls are breathable and reduce the potential for mold growth.  Koroseal has received many awards for their green initiatives including creating the first wall covering reclamation program, and being the first company to eliminate the use of heavy metals in their wall coverings. In addition, Koroseal’s manufacturing plant emissions are so low that it does not require a Title V Permit under the Clean Air Act. The CF Stinson materials used on our garment are GreenGuard certified for low chemical emissions.  Specifically, our Dart material is Gold GreenGuard certified and was produced from 43% recycled fiber. CF Stinson prides itself on reducing environmental impact by using post consumer and post industrial recycled materials.

Photographers: Andy Phan, Law Stewart, ShauLin Hon and Corvin Alstot