University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center Emergency Department Renovation I  Houston, TX

To accommodate future patient service demands, MD Anderson Emergency Center was relocated to the Lutheran Pavilion and expanded to more than double its original size. To raise the Emergency Center’s profile, the public and ambulatory entrances were relocated to the front of the building. Due to space constraints within the Lutheran Pavilion, the EC was designed as a dual level department with most of the patient areas on the second floor. This presented unique design challenges for inter departmental work-flow. Patient intake and assessment were placed on the lower level with the trauma areas on the second. These issues were further complicated by the existing narrow space plan, low ceiling height and odd column layout. Glass fronts were installed to all patient rooms and decentralized charting areas were placed throughout the space to increase patient visibility, patient safety, and work satisfaction.

In addition to the patient areas, the administrative spaces were renovated and the exterior facade was reconfigured to match the existing tower. The ground level was also, updated to meet FEMA flood projection requirements. The completed EC has 47 private treatment rooms, specially equipped resuscitation rooms, a patient nourishment area, pharmacy, lab and diagnostic imaging services on site. The budget was adhered to through the use of Cost Estimator’s as needed.